Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Adam H. Putnam

The Capitol
Welcome to the Baker County Fair!

Approximately 5 million people attend one of Florida's 50 fairs which take place around the state each year. As Florida's Commissioner of Agriculture, I am enthusiastic about the positive impact fairs and livestock shows have on the agricultural industry. Events like the Baker County Fair are an excellent platform for showcasing the finest "Fresh From Florida" products and services.

As Florida's agriculture industry looks toward the future, momentum and growth will depend on engaging the enthusiasm of our youth. Fairs and livestock shows are a great way to cultivate the next generation of industry leaders by providing opportunities to discover and celebrate Florida's rich agricultural heritage while viewing the industry's latest technological advancements and innovations. As I travel the state, I am encouraged by our future farmers, ranchers, and producers who are preparing to lead the charge. From where I stand, I can see great days ahead.

Agriculture brings people together. While you're visiting the Baker County Fair today, I hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy the outstanding food, entertainment, contests and youth exhibits. Most importantly, I hope your day at the fair will allow you to experience Florida's agricultural roots and its impact on our great state.